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E-learning Edotta

The future of training

Our e-learning solution integrates the most modern technologies into the realization and supplying of educational content. The simple platform for all organizations of every sector.

Who is interested in the Platform

  • Organizations

  • Public Administrations

  • Training companies


Edotta is Scorm Compliant

Shareable Content Object Reference Model
SCORM defines, in e-Learning, the specifics about the reuse, tracking and cataloging of educational objects (learning object).

Edotta is Videoconference

E-learning Platform is integraated with Videoconference
Audio-Video interaction between students and Teachers. Digital attendance sheet and final grade. Allows on-line exams.

Edotta is Live Streaming

E-learning Platform integrated with Live Streaming
Live training with Live Streaming, up to 1000 users connected at the same time, Scorm tracking of attendance and granting of attendance certificate.

User-friendly interface

The use of E-Learning platform Edotta is simple and intuitive, thanks to the è semplice e intuitivo, thanks to the high usability and accessibility.

E-learning Platform functions

The platform is designed to simplify all activities related to monitoring and reporting

Check the several functions below

Many other functions can be included upon request

Mobile Devices

The content is usable on Mobile devices as well thanks to HTML5 alternatives which support iPad and iPhone.


An effective reporting system

Management control

It offers a complete vision of activities in the platform

Objectives definition

Define learning objectives

Define learning objectives

check the results with a simple click

External training

You will be able to import external certificate

Authorize and import external training

Managers can approve external certificates imported by users

SCORM Compliant

Edotta Platform is compliant to the international standard system called SCORM for tracking e-learning activities.


Integrates a built-in send-mail engine


You can use the platform as an internal messaging system with e-mail notifications

Print certificates

Print certificates on courses completion

Preview and print your certificates

Certificates are customizable with digitalized signatures.

Blended Learning

You can create classroom and E-Learning courses

Reservation system

Manage bookings and set classrooms, dates, times and locations

Server Streaming

Efficiency is granted by high performances dedicated Streaming servers and 1Gb dedicated bandwidth.

My Personal Training

Training: Classrooms, E-learning and Coursepaths.

Collaborative area

Chat with your course colleagues, announcements and gradebooks

My gradebook

It contains all completed courses

Learning results and reports

Courses are listed by year, description and type

My progress

check your progress percentage on each course

Activity percentage

You can view in real time your state in courses: just subscribed, in progress, completed

Measuring progress

Platform can measure progress by selecting an user and optionally the year, to obtain his status in each course. Moreover, selecting the course you will obtain the progress of all subscribed users.

Progress per course

Check the progress of all users in the selected course

Take pushing measures

Select users by progress and send them a communication

Progress per coursepath

Overall progress of courses in the coursepath

Check progress in the coursepath

Just a click and start control activity

Progress per Objectives

Assign a goal to your students

Manage Objectives

Monitoring and management of objectives

Over 20,000 clients use our platform

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